Finishing the TNT

Three weeks ago I was asked if I would bring my 1929 transmitter to the next club meeting and talk about what ham radio was like in those days. I had just over two weeks to prepare. The TNT wasn’t finished, I wasn’t sure of all my facts, and I’m in a major time crunch lately. But I said yes.

In the following days, I stayed up late into the night (after working 12 hours) preparing. The meter finally got painted successfully. Now that I have the technique down I will write it up when I have a little more time. I will take pictures of the process next time I do one. It turned out quite nice in the end. The grid resistor was restored, including 15 coats of paint applied by hand and a new paper label which is an exact replica of the original. Thanks VE3AWA! The only thing remaining to be done is to install a wire with period appropriate copper clip from the rear of the antenna coil to a binding post. A clip is on its way. It is the final item to complete the rig.

I talked about ’29 rigs for about twenty¬† minutes at the club meeting. Most seemed interested and there were several questions. I was very disappointed that a technical glitch prevented playing sound files of ’20s rigs but such is life.

Meanwhile I got serious about buying a “big dog” UX-210 tube. I got one at a reasonable price. Unfortunately it was DOA with an open filament! Aargh! I’ve sent it back and have already bought another. This one was more than I wanted to pay, but I will make cuts somewhere else next month. Eating is overrated anyway.

Being unable to locate enough parts to make a “pure” ’29 power supply for the TNT, I’ve settled for close enough. I have bought some filter chokes (which are ’29 appropriate) and transformers (which as far as I know are not, being of the mid-1930s period). I have some period appropriate meters which I will put on the power supply.

That brings me to the subject of pictures. I want good pictures of the TNT, which means I either need to buy a new camera ($$$ ouch!) or take it to a professional photographer ($$$ ouch!). I will do something about it soon.

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